Have your cake (and flowers!) and … The Cake and Flower tower is a truly modern alternative to the traditional wedding cake and will “wow” your guests.  For once the cakes actually taste as good as they look!  The Cake at the top and the individual cakes are all fridge cheesecake, made with real cheeses, cream and a lovely fresh lemony taste.  It does not contain any gluten.  The cake at the top and the flowers can be decorated in your preferred colour scheme and incorporated into any theme and design.  The Cake and Flower tower works perfectly as part of a dessert table.  The real charming part about these individual little cheesecakes are that there is no wastage – not a single crumb!

treats-headerTreats & Flavours:
Select anyone of our delicious Tjokfruit or decadent Confectionery balls (have a look at our “Product Page”) in a 500g pack and pack it into your container of choice to spoil your family and friends on your special day.

Or choose one of our confectionery bars (30g) – Nutty Nougat, Almond Roca or Toffee & Honeycomb, and we can personalize it for your wedding by wrapping it in your colour scheme of the big day.

weddingSay it in Chocolate:

We can print any image, photo, logo or message in any colour on white chocolate. Just send us your image in a j-peg format ( and we will do the rest.  Choose from a Lolly (55mm diameter), a business card (80 x 55mm) and a block (22 x 22mm).  So whether you want to say ‘Thank you’ to your guests, spread the company news or add some whimsical fun to your event, do it in chocolate.


wedding-cakeHello Nini

Thank you so much for the cake and decorations/flowers around it. It was amazing. Please find attached, a photo of the cake, just before it was completely demolished. Everyone loved it!

Kind regards

James and Nicola Langridge.