about-usI grew up on a beautiful fruit farm in the Western Cape in South Africa.  From December to March, pallets of sun-ripened fruit drying in the hot African sun, could be seen everywhere.  In pursuit for healthier chocolate options, I cast my mind back to my childhood days.

Now, when I taste our Royal Apricot and Peach in dark chocolate, I am reminded of balmy December afternoons and barefoot farm life. The combination of truly magnificent fruit and good quality 60% dark chocolate, prove to be a winner.

But, at Winston & Julia, we believe in life in balance.  Life without some decadence will be so dull! We also craft good quality mini-bite confections.  We take fresh cream, real butter, farm honey and fresh eggs and turn it into decadent and absolute delicious nougats, toffees and rocas.  We make it in small batches to guarantee the great taste one only gets from home-made confections.

Come and join us at Winston & Julia on a journey of unusually good chocolate made with genuine ingredients – no short cuts, no compromise on taste.